December 29, 2009

After a busy few months it’s time to resurrect this blog from the blog graveyard. Like I hope at the end of every year, I hope I’ll have more spare time next year!


Hello world!

May 27, 2009

As this is the first post, it is a good place and time to say a few words about the focus of this blog. First and foremost only topics and news events that I understand well and know much about will be covered here. I’ll refrain from speculative commentary and from parroting other people’s views.

Nah. Who am I kidding? The internet has a curious ability to pull people into a mode of communication called “internet argument”, where one both feels qualified to comment on whatever topics are encountered and suffers from a craving to point out how other internet commenters are wrong. Resistance is futile. This blog will serve as an archive for my notes and comments on issues that catch my interest, as well as an invitation of feedback through comments and trackbacks. Usually, it is political news, math/science topics, and travel tips that I find notable, so a biased sampling is to be expected. That doesn’t mean that there’s a zero chance of sampling other events in metropolis, though.