Please stand up during take off and landing

July 23, 2009

Upright seating is again being considered for short passenger flights, this time by Ryanair. The same Ryanair that previously has considered charging extra for fat people and is currently mulling over a toilet charge. With the current financial crisis these ideas may have greater probability of being taken seriously by customers. I just hope the airline companies won’t start charging me for not losing my luggage… Or is that what travel insurance is for?

Budget travel

May 27, 2009

Anyone who wants to save money by booking a very early morning flight, or just want to be prepared in case a flight is missed or long delayed, may appreciate The Guide to Sleeping in Airports. Whatever the reason may be for staying a night at an airport, this page has some tips. The main feature is the many reviews of the “night life” in airports around the world, with pointers on what to expect in the way of benches without armrests or other places to lie down, night-open caf├ęs, frequent security announcements, etc.